“eUrja Solutions” is a complete solution provider in the Electrical domain.

  • Today’s growing need for reliable electricity puts added pressure on the Power Industry to develop cleaner, more efficient solutions to satisfy the requirements.
  • Recent building structures increasing emphasis on sustainable power consumption with efficiency in power supply and distribution systems
  • At eUrja Solutions along with its Partner we adopt systematic approach to provide complete range of professional services for planning, designing, building and maintaining your Power System using authentic & reliable sources.

  • MEP services are the key aspect of any construction activity and it is important that we design them with care and precise detailing.
  • For any Engineering and Design project requires a deep understanding of the requirement and needs a close partnership with the client for best outcome.
  • At eUrja Solutions with its partners for Consultancy services we keep our approach as first identify the client’s project needs from concept to design by providing simple but efficient, innovative but easy to maintain and cost effective solutions within project time schedule
  • While offering Consultancy solutions we emphasised on energy efficient smart design which are solutions integration rather than systems integration.
  • Our Engineering services help businesses make the most of their existing electrical equipment by optimizing performance and extending the life of existing facilities

We offer Consultancy solutions in 3 stages as.

Pre Design Stage

  • We analyse the Company and Associates with basic requirements for the different systems to be included in the project.
  • Visit and inspect the site as per requirement.
  • Based on data available prepare Preliminary layout & Preliminary estimate of costs.


  • After approval of Preliminary layout, preparation of MEP scheme layout considering different zones/areas & detail drawings in coordination with architectural & structural drawings.
  • Preparation of cost estimate with Bill of quantities to prepare Tender document & get approval of same from Client
  • Invite tender in the favour of Client where negotiations with Contractor for Techno Commercial analysis & awarding of contract as per Client’s request.


  • Attend progress check meetings with all working agencies working at site
  • Inspect & Supervise fulfillment of technical requirements.

Project Methodology Services


  • High Voltage Distribution
  • Power Distribution Systems, Transformer, Bus Bar & Feeder Design.
  • Power distribution within building
  • Emergency Power Supply D.G. Set, Uninterruptible Power Systems etc.
  • Illumination – General Lighting, Flood Lighting, Emergency Lighting
  • Earthing System &Lightning Protection,

Fire Fighting & Warning System

  • Sprinklers Systems
  • Hydrant Systems
  • First Aid Fire Hose Reels
  • First Extinguisher System
  • First Alarm and Voice Evacuation Systems
  • Public Address

Public Health Engineering System

  • External and Internal Water Supply
  • Water Requirement Estimation and storage scheme
  • External and Internal Drainage Scheme
  • Storm Water Drainage
  • Water Supply and Water Treatment
  • Drainage and Rainwater Drainage
  • Sewage Treatment Plants (STP)
  • Infrastructure Design


  • Basement Ventilation and Exhaust System
  • Heat and Cooling Load Calculation
  • Air Cooled and Water Cooled Chilled Water System Design
  • Smoke Extraction system
  • Energy Conservation and Heat recovery System Development
  • Hot and cold water supply systems

Extra Low Voltage System

  • Close circuit television systems
  • Radio and TV installation Voice & Data Systems
  • Optical and Copper Cabling
  • Structured Cabling


  • Building Automation System
  • Intelligent Network for Monitoring & Control of Services.

Renewable Energy Sources

  • Project Feasibility Analysis
  • Solar Photo-Voltaic (PV) Module
  • Off Grid Power Generation
  • On Grid Power Generation
  • Rooftop solutions
  • Planning & Liasoning
  • Solar Water Heating System

Electrical System Design







  • At eUrja Solutions we also offer Electrical System Design which includes Electrical layouts in AutoCAD drawing.
  • Any Electrical System Design should be Safe, Precise & Futuristic which sustains current as well as future demand & at eUrja Solutions we delicately handle this requirement.
Product Offered
  • Detailed Single Line Diagram (SLD)
  • Substation design with sizing of Transformer, Generator
  • Voltage drop calculation & Cable Sizing
  • Sizing of Battery, Battery Charger, Current Transformer (CT) & Voltage Transformer (VT)
  • Lighting calculations & design
  • Earthing Calculations and Lightning Protection
  • Cable tray, trench layouts and their referencing with the respective equipment’s.
  • Internal distribution boards with Wire/Cable routing including Lighting, Power socket outlets
  • Equipment & Power layout

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